"I love Soundwhiz and the product is a reliable product. I will never use any other brand again. They have a loyal customer for life!!!"


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SoundWhiz Products

Our products offer a whole new level of quality and performance - on par or better than the big brands - without the price tag! 


"Soundwhiz is one of my favorite brands for wireless headphones. These ear buds sound amazing and I don't think I will ever use another brand"

Customer Service

Our customer service is second to none. We call our team the Customer Love team - because their whole job is to make YOU feel loved!

We release new products regularly, usually at least one per quarter. We often participate in review promotions to existing products too. As part of Altitude, you get access to these promotions FREE or at insane discounts! Never less than 80%

Regular Promos

"This is my second SoundWhiz headphone set. I  didn't think it could be, but the Turbo is even better. The sound and  clarity are phenomenal, and the ease of use is sooooo natural. I love  these headphones even more than my other set. If you haven't guessed,  they get my highest recommendation."

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